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High School Homecoming Dance 2017

Lukia Afonin, Journalist

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Houston High School had their first school dance of the year.  It was held in the school cafeteria the evening of September, 16th 2017.  Of the 370 students enrolled at Houston High School, 208 came to celebrate homecoming and to enjoy the atmosphere.  “I am expecting a lot of participation from the school, homecoming decorations to be set up and done, and a list of everyone’s music requests,” said Cameron Gold. There was a lot of effort and participation that went into the school’s homecoming, 

 The school population gathered as a student body and has the chance to express themselves and work together.  “We can all get together as a community and you know, all just be together even though we all have our differences.” said Kelsey Snow.

When asked, “What are you most excited about for homecoming?”Sierra Turner, a senior, answered: “Probably just the memories, being a senior, it’s the last one so, just (going) with a bunch of friends.”  Most students turned up to the dance either with friends or a date, very few showed up by themselves. The setting was very welcoming, as soon as students entered the school they were greeted by a celebratory reception.

The money students paid for tickets was funding the student government to host other school events. Unfortunately, four students attended without paying, and according to Mrs. Reese, those students did not go unnoticed. Nevertheless, these individuals did not lessen the excitement; the night was still enjoyed by all.  The high attendance, and the delight of the students left participants eager for the next school dance.

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High School Homecoming Dance 2017