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Founder’s Day

Leiah Rusher, Journalist

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Fun, memorable, and uniting: the town of Houston’s Founder’s Day has always held these qualities. Founder’s Day is the place to be the third Saturday of every August in front of Houston’s very own fire station. It’s a celebration and tradition that has been going on for more than 30 years. More people attended the 2017 Founder´s Day than any other year. They were met with the same big events and attractions that always draw families, friends and teams together.

Maddy Noland, HHS senior and cheerleader, and her team were there helping serve food and passing out raffle tickets: ¨It [the fundraising] helps us get new uniforms and helps us go on away trips.¨ The cheer team serves food all night and in return get sponsored for their gracious volunteer work. The free barbeque has the longest line which makes the cheer team much needed. Freshman Cheerleader Alexis Chenault stated ¨I went for a little bit and it was fun you know, seeing all the people.¨

The HHS football team provided fun for fairgoers also. Sophomore and football player Vincent Mahoney attended with his team, running a dunk tank, a turkey shoot and being in the parade, the sophomore stated, “It was crazy, I worked the turkey shoot for three hours.”

Founder´s Day and fundraising from it greatly assists the teams, ¨Well, it helps out the football players which makes them better so the cheerleaders are more peppy and worked up, we just like to cheer on the football players,¨ Alexis Chenault explained.

When lucky enough to catch a break, HHS players may also enjoy the activities and attractions of Founder´s Day: a parade with both the football and cheer team, a cake walk, an egg toss, a bouncy house, a pie eating contest, and the fireworks at dark.

HHS freshman Gabriel Cole’ stated with certainty, “The pie eating contest. I won last year!” when asked his favorite part of Founder’s Day. The contests usually have $100 prizes which attracts a healthy crowd of participants.

Marching band member Justine Debuse said, “it’s just a fun thing to do.” Senior and cheerleader Maddy Noland says her favorite part was: “Probably the fireworks, and the hamburgers!” Overall, Founder´s Day is a great place for Hawks to fundraise, families to have a good night and friends to enjoy good company.


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Founder’s Day